10 Best Deer Repellents | 2022 GUIDE AND REVIEW

Today, deer are rarely seen as many people consider them a trophy of their wrathful hunting trips. These trips have made them an almost extinct creature in the world. However, deer can be a major cause of worry and distress to homeowners because they like to feed on their crops, plants, and gardens. The best solution to put this misery to an end is using a high-quality, active deer repellent product.

There are many methods to repel a deer, such as fencing, natural pesticides, the cultivation of deer-proof plants, and electronic appliances. With so many products available in the market, it can be a bit challenging to choose the most suitable one. For people who are not familiar with the term “deer repellants”, we have put together this extensive buyer’s guide so they can bid farewell to routine deer attacks and invasion.

We have gone through some of the best-selling, high-rated products to pick out the best ones for you. Let’s go and learn further about them.

How To Repel DeerS

Different methods can be used to control or limit regular deer invasion, such as:


To keep deer away, you can install any sensory device that will turn on the light or spray the invader with water upon any movement. Using acoustic gadgets can also scare away deer as well as other animals that might be inhibiting the place. 

Habitat Alteration

Try to alter a deer’s habitat to make your garden and crops less attractive for them. You can also remove the shrubs around the garden to make deer feel less safe near it.


To achieve long-term effects, you can create an artificial barrier or install an electric railing to fence off the rabbit, deer, and similar animals. This option is more suitable for people with large grounds.

Choice Of Vegetation In The Territory

Know that deer and rabbits usually feed on buds, leaves, and grass. Consider your options well while choosing which plants should be treated with which repellent.

Different Types Of Deer Repellents

If you are tired of sharing your crops and gardens with hungry deer all the time, get serious about finding yourself a perfect deer repellent that works wonders. There are  different types of deer repellents that you can work with:

1. Mechanical Deer Repellents

By mechanical deer repellent, we mean physical barriers that are fully able to block the access of deer to your territories. In other words, you can call these a fence or a wall which are simple yet extremely useful against deer. However, according to some researchers, these repellants aren’t really effective as a deer can jump more than 10-feet without any difficulty, so a fence cannot really stop them.

You can add an electrical wire to your fencing and scare off the animals. For further safety, you can pair mechanical and deer frightening technology together.

2. Deer Frightening Repellents

The second type of deer repellent is the ones designed and manufactured to scare away deer and other furry animals. Technologically, these repellents are similar to mechanical deer repellents. The only difference is that 2-3 foil pie plates are dangling with a strong. These plates can loudly clatter against one another when the wind blows, which may startle the deer and do not let them stay in the garden to feed on the leaves and trees.

Many more sophisticated repellents are available in the market that works on the same principle. They have built-in motion sensors that can detect any large animal’s movement and let out a loud noise triggering the sprinkler for a cold water shower.

3. Scented Deer Repellents

Another option to go for is scented repellants. Since deer can detect smells from afar, they are not likely to step a foot in your garden and destroy your beautiful space. Many deer repellents out there have a variety of unpleasant smells as their core ingredients, such as urine or strong soaps. You can also go for a DIY option and fool a deer and other similar animals into thinking that another predator is close by.    Scanted deer repellents are currently one of the most effective means of repelling dear.

4. Taste-Based Repellents

Since deer only lurk around in your garden and backyard to find something to feed on, it is very important for you to make everything in there as less palatable as possible. If everything present in your garden tastes bad, deer will soon know that there isn’t much to eat around and leave on their own.

Taste-based deer repellents are very bitter in terms of taste and can be applied to both plants and trees. These products will never harm the animal while still making sure they stay far away from your crops.

When required, you can also make a taste-based deer repellent at home, but the process is a little tricky and sometimes more expensive than the ready-made products in the market. Also, remember that these products wash away on their own after rain or snow. Therefore, you must apply them more frequently to keep their efficiency intact. Make sure you saturate each and every plant of your garden; otherwise, deer will start to switch from one plant to another until they have something that tastes good.

Best Deer Repellent Reviews

 Product Name Animals Repelled Type Form  
 Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light Deer, owl, and hawks Deer frightening/mechanical   repellent Ready to mount 
 Spiral Tree Guards, Scented Wrap Deer Repellent Deer Taste-based deer repellent Ready to use non-toxic paper
 Go Away 231 Scent-inal Deer Repellent System Deer and other furry animals Scented deer repellent Ready to use diffusers
 Liquid Fence HG-75044 Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate Deer, moles, and rabbit Scented deer repellent  Spray-on bottle
 Deer Chaser (P7840) Deer Deer frightening/mechanical   repellent Ready to mount 
 Safer Ready-to-Use Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent RTU Deer, squirrels, and rabbit Scent and taste-based deer repellent Ready to use spray
 Ortho Deer B Gon Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granules Deer and rabbit Scent and taste-based deer repellent Ready to use liquid
 Deer Scram Granular Deer & Rabbit Repellent Deer and rabbit Scented deer repellent Deer repellent granules
 Messina Wildlife RBW-132 3/4-Inch by 1320-Foot Deer Repellent  Deer Mechanical repellent Deer barrier ribbon
Messina Wildlife PS-C-016 PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent Pint ConcentrateDeer, elk, and moose Scented deer repellent Ready to use concentrate liquid

1. Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light

Deer are the smartest and hard to stop animals. They attack way more differently than any predator type animal, so you must go for an approach that gives fast and effective results.

You must use Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light on a single post or cluster mount in your garden with every light facing different directions for a better outcome. The working principle of this product is very simple. It works by throwing strong flashing lights on animals that ruin your trees and yards at night.

The sole purpose of this light is to warn the coming animal of danger and then blinding it with a red flash. The signals with the light can be seen up to a distance of 500 yards. The solar batteries accumulate solar energy and convert it into constant light flashes during the night until dawn. 

To drive away horned lovers of leaves and vegetables (like deer), you can easily set up different units of Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light and then point it towards areas where you think animals may attack from. Since deer are usually tall than other animals, you must set the repeller at the height of around 4-feet. 

The best thing here is that you don’t need any changeable batteries. Buy this product once and forget about your additional expenses since solar batteries can work on their own without any time limit.

2. Spiral Tree Guards, Scented Wrap Deer Repellent

Buying these scented tree guards is sure to defend every plant and tree in your backyard. This product is an ideal choice for people who wish to get rid of pesky deer lurking around their gardens and rabbits who seem to enjoy all the vegetables lying around. 

The Spiral Tree Guards, Scented Wrap Deer Repellent is crafted and engineered so you can unwind them around the trunk of all the young and ornamental trees. They are designed to cover and hug trees that are 4-feet high with 1-4 inch thick tree trunks. Tree guards are made of PVC material that is certified to be free of toxins and other harmful substances like heavy metals that might seep into the ground. 

With its aesthetically decent and appealing dark brown color and a special UV coating, you can offer years and years of deer protection to your precious land. There is nothing that can go wrong with these affordable tree wraps, so go and get them now!

These easy to install and use Spiral Tree Guards, Scented Wrap Deer Repellent will wrap around the trees using the corkscrew mechanism. You will be able to move them from one tree to another as they unwind fast and are fully reusable.

3. Go Away 231 Scent-inal Deer Repellent System

Imagine your garden is beautifully flourished, with fruit trees in bloom and ripe vegetables ready for picking. Unluckily, it also means that wildlife animals like deer might start to nibble away at your leafy, luscious greens. This is when you know it’s time to get into business and purchase Go Away 231 Scent-inal Deer Repellent System to keep your crops inedible and unappealing for furry animals.

Since deer have an incredible sense of smell (1000 times more sensitive than humans), this deer repellent uses this feature against them in a number of ways. Every ingredient of this system acts on the trigeminal pain receptors located in the membranes of the nose, eyes, mouth, and gut, which in turn stimulate a fear response, thus triggering the deer’s natural instinct to escape the place.

Moreover, the intense formula interrupts the normal scent of host plants to avoid attracting the deer in the first place. There is no harm to the animal, and the treatment remains fully active for up to 3 months. The Go Away 231 Scent-inal Deer Repellent System is effective throughout 4 seasons, which means it is an equally amazing choice for winters when spraying may seem impractical and when the succulent net growth of the plants is unprotected.

The package includes a bottle of scent inal activator, twist ties, and 6 scent inal diffusers. The bottle contains more than enough product to boost the 6 scent finals providing year-round protection.

4. Liquid Fence HG-75044 Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

Never allow furry animals to enjoy the lusciousness of your garden before you! Moles, rabbit, deer, and other 4 legged pests love to munch over your landscapes. With Liquid Fence HG-75044 Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate, you can hit their sense of smell, so they never come back to destroy your garden.

This formula uses scent and taste deterring ingredients that are neither harmful for the animals nor the plants when used according to the given instructions. This is the only invisible barrier in this list that gives crystal clear results after the first application.

Liquid Fence HG-75044 Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate repel rabbits and deer before they can feed off leaves. It is ready to use liquid spray formula that efficiently works to repel deer from landscaped shrubs, flowers, gardens, vines, and trees. This formula works on scent, so deer do not have to feed on leaves to be repelled. It is rain-resistant and can be applied all year round without worrying about its effectiveness.

You can simply join a garden hose to the spray nozzle and work out your entire space. No manual mixing is needed. Apply it once during the dry period, repeat the process after a week, and then after a month. If your area falls under intense feeding, spray the formula once every week for 3 weeks and then once per month.

5. Deer Chaser (P7840)

The Deer Chaser (P7840) protects your home and family from meddling and intrusive deer damage. This proprietary technology is manufactured and field verified by several researchers. It is guaranteed to gently ward off the deer by keeping them at a minimal distance from your expensive and fully ripe shrubs or plants.

Keeping rabbits, deer, and other furry animals at a safe distance from our garden is one of the most challenging things that nature has cast upon humans. This, combined with the fact that deer carry ticks (that are the major culprit behind Lyme disease that affects humans) are the perfect reason for you to buy Deer Chaser (P7840).

This deer chaser is engineered with special light sensitivity and sound level to scare the deer away while still remaining discreet to humans. With its wide-angle of sensitivity (approximately 25 feet from the unit), it can effortlessly protect the area or redirect a deer’s traveling path away from your gardens.

It is effective all year round. Simple battery operation means there is no need for you to bring electricity or water to the area that needs protection. The sound and light duration range from 15 seconds to 7 minutes; mounting height is variable according to the user, and the working range is up to 25 feet with a 100-degree coverage zone. 

6. Safer Ready-to-Use Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent RTU

The Safer Ready-to-Use Brand 5981 is one of the most effective tools in the market right now for repelling squirrels, rabbits, and deer from your outdoor spaces. It features a dual-action formula to scare away these nuisance animals by targeting their sense of smell and taste. The potent yet humane ingredients, such as garlic and putrescent eggs, are enough to keep animals at a safe distance from your backyard.

There are 2 layers of repelling protection to mimic the unappealing smell of garlic and that of a decaying animal. It helps put deer on high alert against a predator’s presence. While the odor is potent for deer, it is odorless for humans.

This long-lasting and fast-working deer repellent provides season-long protection. Every application can easily last up to 3 months and is weather-resistant. Another great thing about this product is that it is  USDA approved and OMRI listed so you can even use it in your organic gardening without any hesitation.

The Safer Ready-to-Use Brand 5981 Critter Ridder Deer & Rabbit Repellent comes in a ready to use convenient bottle spray. To use, just direct the nozzle in the required area and spray. While the formula is weather-resistant, it is still better to reapply after moderate/heavy rain to achieve desired results.

7. Ortho Deer B Gon Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granules

Another highly effective product on this list to repel deer and rabbit is Ortho Deer B Gon Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granules. Like other deer repellents on our list, this product is unique in a way that it engages a deer’s sense of taste and smell and convince it to run away somewhere else.

This product has been on the market for some time now, but the amount of reputation and respect it has earned is beyond average. This granular deer repellent is highly effective for treating larger areas (up to 1000 square feet). Scientists recommend that it can be applied every 30 days to achieve the best results. 

Some of the main ingredients in this formulation include clove oil, cinnamon oil, and putrescent whole egg solids. However, there is no noticeable odor, unlike its other competitor sprays out there.  With such effective features, Ortho Deer B Gon Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granules are safe to be used around people, plants, and even pets (when used and applied as directed). Remember not to apply the granules directly to the edible crops.

To use, simply shake the bottle and slide to dispense. Apply generously to soil and turf around the plants and other flowers. If you have to use it near edible crops, never let the product come in contact with the grown plants for human consumption. Reapply as needed, preferably after every 30 days.

8. Deer Scram Granular Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Unlike other natural deer repellents in this list that are liquid in nature, the all-new Deer Scram Repellent is a unique, effective granular product. Rather than spraying on the plants directly, you can sprinkle it around the perimeter of your garden and trees that you have to protect.

This formulation creates a sort of barrier that any deer or rabbit would never dare to cross. The manufacturers of this product claim that it can significantly last longer than sprayable repellents and is also the most convenient in terms of application. 

One of the best features of Deer Scram Deer & Rabbit Repellent is its granular nature, which means there is no hassle of mixing concretes or using nozzles for application. Also, there is no noticeable or filthy odor like sprayable competitors.

It is an organic deer repellent that uses only natural ingredients to repel furry animals from your garden. Once its shelf life is over, it will biodegrade into nitrogen-containing organic compounds and benefit your garden even more. The granules can be applied every 30-45 days, depending on the weather and number of routine invasions. It is resistant against both rain and snow and comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose the bottle according to your budget and yard size.

9. Messina Wildlife RBW-132 3/4-Inch by 1320-Foot Deer Repellent White Ribbon

Deer might look enchanting in forests, but they can be a big problem for your garden. Young, budding, and tender plants are an invitation to these furry animals, which they can happily oblige to time and again.

There are many options/solutions available among which the most unique one is Messina Wildlife RBW-132 3/4-Inch by 1320-Foot Deer Repellent White Ribbon. This product is considered one of the most potent plotsaver deer barrier systems out there that serve as a revolutionary tool for better protection of crops, food plots, reforestation areas, orchards, and nursery stock, etc.

This product features a reusable barrier ribbon that the manufacturers have treated with the company’s deer repellent ingredients. These ingredients create a powerful, strong sensory and physical barrier that moose, elk, deer, and axis can never cross.

You can string the deer repellent ribbon around 30-inch high higher than your plot’s perimeter in any shape (of your choice) on dangers 30 feet apart. Reapply the ribbon after every 30 days until deer stop attacking your crops. Messina Wildlife RBW-132 Deer Repellent White Ribbon is easy to remove and can be used again from year to year.

10. Messina Wildlife PS-C-016 PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent Pint Concentrate

If you want to protect your food plot or your agriculture area, look no further than Messina Wildlife PS-C-016 PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent Pint Concentrate. A lot of effort and time goes into the implementation and organization of seeds, soil, and water, so it is very important that you protect your exertions at every cost.

This patented deer repellent pint concentrate is usually applied to Plotsaver ribbon and works by creating a mechanical and corporeal barrier against rabbit and deer. The biggest advantage of Messina Wildlife PS-C-016 PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent Pint Concentrate is that it is all-natural and is made from different types of essential oils like rosemary and mint.

This liquid repellent is very safe for your plants and other family members, including pets. It is also the most humane way of protecting your area, according to different buyers and researchers. The formula is pleasant to use, can be dried clear, and is also odor-free. You can apply it over the ribbon every 30-40 days regardless of the weather condition in your area.

How Does Deer Repellent Work?

Many deer repellents that work by both smell and taste are very effective in keeping deer at bay from your backyard. Usually, these repellants act on the attractiveness and taste of a plant to the deer. They can either be direct repellants or indirect repellants.

Direct repellants work by repelling through a disagreeable taste and often have bitter ingredients that are safe to apply on your garden and its plants and leaves. The only drawback to this method is that the animal needs to feed on the plant in order to feel its taste.

Indirect repellents, on the other hand, work via smell, sound, and even their appearance. Many such products consist of dry rotten egg dust, the foul smell, and taste of which can help you get rid of deer fast. Some contain animal dried blood to send false signals of another predator’s presence. Other scaring ingredients could be garlic, animal urine, or meat protein.

Indirect repellents are great for circumstances when you have a large space to spray on. They may have components of human hair, slaughterhouse waste, and even soap in them. Make sure you never spray this product on plants you are going to eat later. Ingredients like castor oil, capsaicin, salts of ammonia, and garlic oil are an exception.

What Factors To Consider While Choosing A Deer Repellent?

Keep the following factors under your consideration when buying a deer repellent:

  • The duration of effect
  • Repelling mechanism or action (taste, mechanical, smell or deer-frightening)
  • Repellent or deterrent type (concrete, spray, sprinkler, granules)
  • Price/ your budget

What Is The Best Time To Use A Deer Repellent?

It is best if you apply your chosen product during the evening. Deer usually come out at night, so the taste or smell of the plants should be strong at that time.

Your plants and leaves are most attractive to deer when they are luscious, young, and moist. Most of the serious problems start at the beginning of the growing season. The best time of the year to apply a deer repellent is when new plants start to grow. This typically happens during early spring. However, note that a hungry deer can invade ay time of the year, so you have to stay vigilant. Many deer repellent have a limited life, and they have to be reapplied frequently to maintain their efficacy.

How To Use A Deer Repellent?

With the limitations of most of the deer repellents, it is better to purchase and try out 3-4 different types of products and check out their results one after another. If one deer repellent is not able to stop them from coming, maybe the other one will.  

Always read the label on the bottle. Some of them are safe for edible plants, while others aren’t. Spray them first then use other repellents like granules to make an outer layer within the margin of your garden. If you have decided to use three products, use the last one as perimeter conduct outside of the area being threatened.

Reapply the deer repellent every month. There could be new growth in your garden from time to time, so never forget to touch up the spaces to cover every inch of the garden.

Final Thoughts

There you go. These are some of our best deer repellents of 2020. In this article, we have reviewed different types of products, but the clear winner for us is Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light. This light deterrent can consistently do its job and keep deer away as much as possible. This product is ideal for people who want something technologically advanced that offers unique modes of repelling animals.

If you prefer an all-natural product, made of natural ingredients, go for Messina Wildlife PS-C-016 PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent Pint Concentrate or Ortho Deer B Gon Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granules. They have environmentally friendly ingredients that can stop deers from roaming around your territory by using simple smell and taste disincentives.

The best-concentrated spray/liquid product is Liquid Fence HG-75044 Deer and Rabbit Repellent Concentrate. It is a specially formulated combination of natural ingredients that are sure to scare away all kinds of deer and furry animals from your garden.