Best organic fertilizers for lawn

Who does not like a green lawn? Most people are always trying to find out the best fertilizers that you can use for their lawn to make it look lush green.  Maintaining a great lawn not only makes your home look better, it also adds value as well. 

There are many lawn fertilizers that you can use, but you have to find out which one is the best option and the most organic one. It does not take a lot of effort to research the best organic fertilizer for lawn, but still, there is something that you need to consider before you get any Lawn fertilizer.

If you have children or pets, one has to be careful about choosing the Fertilizer. It can affect your children or your pet adversely, and you will not want that. While you are in search of the best lawn fertilizer, we can help you out in determining the perfect options.

We have a list of 12 best organic fertilizers that you can use your house or lawn to make it look green and healthy. However, it is still your choice to pick out the perfect option available among these.

Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer

The first organic Fertilizer that we will be discussing is the espoma Organic Fertilizer. This Fertilizer is on the top of the list because of the organic and natural composition and the fantastic results it provides. 

People no longer prefer chemical fertilizers because of the adverse effects they have on the fruit, vegetables, and lawn. 

This eorganic Fertilizer is not only affordable but also provides healthy and chemical-free fruits and vegetables. 

The Espoma fertilizer is created with poultry pasteurized manure and gypsum. It will not only take care of the health of your lawn, but it is also safe for the pets and the kids. 

One other reason why people prefer this espoma organic Fertilizer as it helps in the slow release of Nitrogen, which not only maintains the health of the lawn but ensures that a much better for a long while. 


Weight: 30 pounds 

Coverage area: 6000 sq ft

NPK ratio: 8-0-0

Type: Organic 

Reasons to choose 

  • Works impeccably 
  • Provides awesome results 

Milorganite 0636  Nitrogen Fertilizer, 32-Pound

People are trying to find a fertilizer that is perfect for golf courses and lawns similar to that need to get their hands on this Milorganite organic fertilizer. This lawn fertilizer is considered the best compost that is organic and helps grow healthy and much greener grass. 

One other that makes this milorganite organic Fertilizer the best option is the energy efficiency it provides. The milorganite organic Fertilizer saves water, as it does not require a lot of water for the growth of the grass. Also, it saves energy by providing mowing ease and better efficiency. 


Weight: 36 lbs

NPK ratio: Not available 

Type: Organic 

Reasons to choose 

  • Organic Fertilizer with excellent quality 
  • Saves water and energy 

Advanced Balanced NPK – Lawn Food Liquid Fertilizer

This superior Fertilizer is a concentrated solution and spray of Fertilizer in liquid form. You can use it for the lawn for better growth of the grass. It is a high-quality fertilizer that contains macronutrients and Seaweed as well.

Lawn fertilizer is made of organic material, and it is just the perfect Fertilizer for the lawn because of easy application and easy use. It is ideal for all kinds of grass growth, and it is manufactured by high-quality nutrients that will last for a long while.

This lawn fertilizer consists of nourishing nutrients that have a long-lasting effect on the lawn. It comes with phosphate and Potash formula, and it also has Nitrogen in it.


Weight: 3 pounds

Composition: nitrogen Phosphorus and potassium

Type: organic

Npk ratio: 16-4-8

Coverage area: 3200 sq. Ft.

Reasons to buy

  • It is high quality and organic Fertilizer that is great for long term healthy growth of the plants
  • It does not contain any Harsh chemical

Purely organic lawn food

The next one on the list is another organic Fertilizers that are perfect for turfgrass. It does not contain any harsh chemicals. It has all-natural ingredients, and it is super Incredible to use for long-lasting results. This fertilizer can cover up to 5000 square feet, and the best part is that it is a plant waste fertilizer that does not contain any harsh chemicals.

It is not harmful to the pet, and the kids sand the formula contains Phosphorus material, and this not have any chemical that can be harmful. It does not have any smelly 

biosolids or manure that can create a terrible smell.

The npk ratio of this purely organic Fertilizer is 10-0 – 2. This Fertilizer will not burn your lawn, but instead, it will help in the extraordinary growth of the grass.


Coverage area: 5000 sq. Ft.

Weight: 25 pounds

Type: organic plant-based

Npk ratio: 10-0-2

Reasons to buy

  • This is a super reasonable fertilizer that provides excellent results
  • It is a natural fertilizer which does not have any odor  

The Andersons Innova fertilizer

Anderson fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer that is gennerated from natural material. It is perfect for the growth of the plant and does not cause any side effects on your lawn. It consists of biosolids and manure. It is an animal-based fertilizer that is perfect for conventional applications. The best part of Anderson’s organic Fertilizer is that it contains very less dust and has small granules. This Fertilizer will not burn your lawn and make it healthy and green in a much better way.

Anderson’s fertilizer is easy and straightforward to use and does not cause any heart effects on the lawn. It is also safe for people to use. The npk ratio of this and organic Fertilizer is 7-1-2. The Fertilizer is safe for your kids and your pet as well. It is a fertilizer that can cover a massive area with micro soil microbes and highly digestible carbon compounds. It is also safe even when you are applying it in hot weather.


Weight 40.7 pounds

Npk ration: 7-1-2

Coverage area: 4000 sq. Ft.

Type: organic

Reasons to buy

  • It is a high-quality organic fertilizer that is perfect for turfgrass
  • It is safe for the kids and animals

Pro organic lawn fertilizer

The next one on a list is a pro-organic lawn fertilizer that is absolutely stunning because of its high-quality functioning and composition. People never for organic synthesis, and it is a plant waste fertilizer that does not contain manure or any animal remains. It is not a smelly fertilizer.

Just Fertilizer is 100% organic and does not have any harmful chemicals that can eventually harm your animals or plants. It comes in a 22-pound bag, and it is super easy to use and for all-purpose use. It is excellent for providing which color to your grass and better and more robust growth. It is a granular fertilizer that is perfect for the growth of your lawn.


Weight: 22 pounds

Type: organic granular

Npk ratio: 4.86-3.60-1.44

Reasons to buy

  • It is excellent for both plants and grass as well.
  • It provides promising results on the grass super quick
  • It is excellent and convenient to use

Unco organic fertilizer

The next Fertilizer is another organic Fertilizers, but it is animal-based Fertilizer. It consists of earthworm casting, and it is excellent for not only the grass but also the vegetables and for the flowers as well.

It is a non-toxic organic fertilizer that is perfect for the growth of your plant. It is super convenient to use and does not contain any smell that could be harmful to the plants. It is also super safe for the animals and the kids. It is the kind of Fertilizer that you can spend all over your Logon and wait for the incredible results.

It may not be considered as a fertilizer but as a soil amendment. It helps with better growth of the plants in a much better manner.


Npk ratio: not available

Type: organic

Reasons to buy

  • It is a high-quality fertilizer and soil amendment that helps with better growth of the plants
  • It provides fantastic results and helps with better growth

Dr. Earth Supernatural lawn fertilizer

We have another lawn fertilizer, but it is not a granular fertilizer. It is a 32-ounce fertilizer that contains nutrients and can help with the growth of the plants in an incredible manner.

This Fertilizer is excellent for gardening and for planting trees and small plants. It provides promising results because of the prebiotic composition. It helps with the growth of the lawn and for better health of the grass and the roots. It is a high-quality fertilizer that contains all the natural ingredients.


Type organic

Weight: 1 pound

Npk ratio: 8-0-2

Reasons to buy

  • The primary reason to buy this Dr. Earth organic Fertilizer is an excellent composition.
  • The Dr. Earth fertilizer organic Fertilizer is perfect for quick results
  • It is safe for the birds and animals

Natural alternative late spring lawn fertilizer

This Fertilizer comes with four different containers which provide better growth of the plants. It is super easy to use and comes in a leak-proof container. It is a high-quality fertilizer that comes in a container that is reusable and airtight. This box has everything that you will require for planting the tree or for growing the grass.

This is a mess-free fertilizer that does not contain any Phosphorus. The npk ratio of this lawn fertilizer is 19-0 – 3. With this, Fertilizer is excellent for keeping the grass fresh and growing in a better condition.


Npk ratio 19-0-3

Type organic

Reasons to buy

  • It is a lawn fertilizer that is excellent because of the composition
  • It is excellent for using the Fertilizer for better growth of the grass

Safer brand lawn restore Fertilizer

The next Fertilizer on our list is the garden restoration Fertilizer that comes in a 25 LBS pack. It is high quality and strengthening Fertilizer that encourages the growth of the roots. It ensures that the load is strong enough and helps with better growth of the grass as well. It will help in the quick results.

With this excellent Fertilizer, the lawn will become green in just 3 to 5 days. It is a healthy lawn fertilizer that promotes better growth by organic means. It is an effective fertilizer that covers up to an area of 6250 square feet. This lawn fertilizer is undoubtedly the top-quality lawn fertilizer that is considered the best ones, even in the hot and cold weather.


Coverage area: 6250 sq ft

Npk ratio: not available

Type organic

Reasons to buy

  • This is a high-quality fertilizer that will provide quick results
  • It is perfect for use and composed of a natural formula

Safer brand lawn restore

This one is another long restore formulae that do not contain any phosphate. It is a lawn fertilizer that comes with high-quality composition and does not contain any biosolids.

It does not contain any poultry material and does not contain any manure. It is capable of covering up to 5000 square feet. It is a quick formula that enhances growth immediately. It can either be used for the plants and the grass as well. The Npk ratio of this Fertilizer is 10-0 – 6.

This Fertilizer is most comfortable to use and will provide you with the best results. You can use it in the hot and cold weather, and you do not have to worry about the dangerous effects. It is safe for people to use.


Coverage area: 5000 sq. Ft.

Type: plant-based organic

Npk ratio 10-0-6

Weight: 25 lbs

Reasons to buy

  • It is an excellent formula that helps in the quick growth of the plants.
  • This organic formula is safe to use
  • It is the best Fertilizer with quick results and organic growth

Scott’s natural lawn food

If you are a gardening enthusiast and you want an organic solution to grow your grass, then this natural on food is the perfect option. It is a safe organic material to use that does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is an ideal Fertilizer in the form of organic fertilizer that you can use every season. It is safe for plants and animals as well. It is excellent in providing quick results.

It can cover an area of 4000 square feet, and you will see quick results after just a few uses. It is available in 29 LBS packaging.


Npk ratio: not available

Weight: 29 pounds

Type: organic

Reasons to buy

  • This fertilizer is perfect for getting rid of the patch in the grass and growing new lush green grass
  • It is ideal to use for quick results
  • It works incredibly in all seasons 

Buying Guide: 

What is the difference between organic and synthetic lawn fertilizer?

Organic and synthetic fertilizers are both available in the market, and people are using both of these. However, you must know that what is the difference between both of these kinds of fertilizers. The composition of both organic and synthetic Fertilizers is different. Where organic Fertilizer is considered more natural and raw, but the synthetic fertilizers are composed of chemicals.

The debate between organic and synthetic fertilizers is never-ending, but you still need to find out which is a much healthier option for the lawn. When you are finding out the manure, you can see that some fertilizers are mentioned as organic fertilizers. People recommend it more for natural composition and better results in the long term.

Organic fertilizers are good for long term results, but they are also great because of the composition and for a great job.

However, synthetic fertilizers provide you quick and excellent results, but they are not efficient long-term. The synthetic Fertilizer is maybe providing you an advantage in terms of cost, speed, and easy availability, but what will you do when your lawn is destroyed after using these synthetic fertilizers for a few years. When there is a considerable amount of chemical build up in the lawn, it will eventually result in not so good growth.

Why should you use organic fertilizers?

  • The idea of using organic Fertilizer in your lawn provides a lot of benefits. When you are using the organic Fertilizer and organic soil, then natural nutrients work in your favor and make your lawn a lot better.
  • Organic Fertilizer is healthy, but it is also incredible for maintaining the moisture level of the earth. It effectively helps in the growth of the grass and helps in better aeration.
  • The organic soil is even better during the rain and monsoon season. This organic soil helps in better drainage, and it is also slow in Breaking Down, which helps with better stimulation of the soil.
  • People who have been using organic fertilizers love these fertilizers because they do not contain any harsh chemicals. Some of the Chemicals that are included in the synthetic fertilizers are sometimes worst for the animals and the children. They can affect the health of them and can also ruin the health of your lawn.
  • Organic Fertilizer is also great for the roots of the grass and helps in the growth of much stronger grass. There is a very less chance of insect infestation if you are using organic fertilizers.

Types of organic lawn fertilizers

Even when you are choosing organic fertilizers, they are a lot of choices available. You can find out the different types of organic lawn fertilizers below.

Plant-based Fertilizer

This kind of Fertilizer is from the dry soil or the dry plants. It is also composed of the remains of the plants and the Rotten fruits and vegetables. It is created for the growth of the lawn. It is a sufficient soil that works the best and perfectly holds the water. The plant-based Fertilizer contains molasses and different kinds of seeds and compost as well.

Animal-based fertilizers

The animal-based fertilizers usually contain manure and bone. If you are planning to use the animal-based Fertilizer, you must use it at the start of the plantation season for better growth of the plants. It will help in sprouting the seeds and add a lot of Nitrogen into the soil.

Mineral-based Fertilizer

The mineral-based Fertilizer does not contain either plant or animal remains. These fertilizers contain calcium and other kinds of salts that ad necessary nutrients to the plants. This mineral-based fertilizer is added to enhance the growth of the grass. These mineral-based fertilizers are added not to disturb the pH of the soil but make it better with more nutrients.

How to buy the best organic Fertilizer?

When you are getting organic Fertilizer, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Type of the Fertilizer

Even in organic fertilizers, there are different types of available. You must choose the best types for the growth of your lawn. Usually, people use the animal based on plant-based Fertilizer for their backyards. These fertilizers help in better the efficient growth of the grass. If you think that the organic Fertilizer of a particular type is not beneficial for the growth of the grass, you can change it.


You also have to check the composition of the Fertilizer. You must check if the Fertilizer contains organic material or not. If you want to get an organic fertilizer, you must choose the Fertilizer that has all the essential ingredients in the appropriate quantities.

Safe for the kids and pets

One other reason that can affect your choice of organic Fertilizer is the safety of your kids and pets. Some of the organic Fertilizers may react with your kids or pets. And it may result in vomiting or diarrhea. Therefore, whenever you choose organic fertilizers, you should be a super sure about quality and safety as well.

Dust granules

The dust granules in organic Fertilizer can affect the application of the Fertilizer. If you want the Fertilizer that is easy to apply and simple to use, you must look for organic fertilizer with low dust granules. Also, the fertilizers with low dust granules are excellent for better aeration and incredible for absorbing the water. It eventually helps with better growth of the plants and the grass as well.

What are the advantages of using organic fertilizers?

Well, are there are a lot of advantages to using organic fertilizers. But let’s find out below.

  • The organic fertilizers that contain manure composed, animal and plants. This fertilizer is excellent in terms of supporting the microbes.
  • These fertilizers are also incredible for the growth of fauna and fungi. These organic fertilizers are fantastic for the natural growth of the grass in your lawn. There is a consistent nutrient uptake that is available because of the organic fertilizers.
  • The Incredible organic fertilizers also enhance the quality of water retention and help with soil structure and improve the pH of the soil as well.
  • When you are using organic fertilizers, it will help in balancing the pH level and buffering capacity of the soil. With the natural fertilizers, you can use the soil for growing strong roots of the grass.

Some disadvantages of organic fertilizers

With all the great benefits and advantages, there are some disadvantages of using organic fertilizer.

The organic Fertilizer is not perfect for the quick fix. If you need a quick fix for your backyard, then synthetic fertilizers have to be your option.

The organic fertilizers are not concentrated. In contrast, synthetic fertilizers are highly concentrated, which is why they perform better and quicker.

Organic fertilizers are comparatively expensive than synthetic fertilizers. And the composition of each organic fertilizer differs from the other one.


Now that you know some of the best organic fertilizers for your lawn and understand how to choose the perfect organic Fertilizer, it will become a lot easier for you to decide. The organic fertilizers are usually available in abundance, but you will find the ideal option you will require some research. But luckily, we researched organic fertilizers for you, and you just have to go through the precise details of the fertilizers to choose the perfect option. Whenever you are picking the fertilizers, make sure you are looking at the composition. The composition of the Fertilizer is super important. Also, make sure you check if it is safe for your pet and your kids. When you are using the Fertilizer, give it a little time before you want that is there is. Organic fertilizers usually work slowly but have a long-lasting effect. Whether you are planning to use it in your backyard or your lawn, organic fertilizers are undoubtedly the best options.