Succulents are beautiful, trendy and diversified plants that are able to withstand hot arid conditions. They are easy to care for, and with proper care, they tend to last for a long time. The things that need care for include the presence of sun and shade and the water requirements. Too much water will lead … Read more


Succulents are a family of drought-resistant plants that can adapt to the dry and arid conditions. These plants can store water in their leaves, stems, and roots and can survive throughout the droughts without requiring too much water. As a result of absorbing water in them, these plants appear swollen, fleshier, or more pronounced. Succulents … Read more

How to Care for Pachysandra (Pachysandra Ground Cover)


Pachysandra or Pachysandra Ground Cover is not a single plant species, but it is a group or genre of five plant species that are used as the ground covers, these are evergreen, perennial small shrubs, from the boxwood family of Buxaceae. Four of these are native to Asia and one is native to southeast North … Read more


Ourdoor Cactuses

Succulents have long been the most popular types of indoor plants. There are different reasons for their fame.  You can quickly grow them in your homes if you properly look after these plants. The four primary elements to think when caring for succulents are water, light, temperature, and soil.  Succulents come in various shapes and … Read more

The 15 Best Soil for Succulents | 2020 GUIDE AND REVIEW

Looking for the best succulent soil for succulents and cactus plants? If so, you came to the right place! So before going to the main topic, we must know what are the succulents. They are actually the group of plants which store the extra water in their leaves just as the camel store water in … Read more

How to Water Succulents | Ultimate Guide

So you bought your succulent and you’re very excited to make sure it grows and thrives in its new home. With their vibrant colors and fascinating forms you want to make sure they stay and grow healthy for years to come. One of the questions that surely came to your mind was how you should … Read more

Best organic fertilizers for lawn

Who does not like a green lawn? Most people are always trying to find out the best fertilizers that you can use for their lawn to make it look lush green.  Maintaining a great lawn not only makes your home look better, it also adds value as well.  There are many lawn fertilizers that you … Read more

10 Best Deer Repellents | 2021 GUIDE AND REVIEW

Best Deer Repellents

Today, deer are rarely seen as many people consider them a trophy of their wrathful hunting trips. These trips have made them an almost extinct creature in the world. However, deer can be a major cause of worry and distress to homeowners because they like to feed on their crops, plants, and gardens. The best … Read more



Observing nature while relaxing in the backyard is always enjoyable whenever you find free time for yourself. But relaxing is only possible if your body feels comfortable. For this reason, hammocks are a great way to help your body feel relaxed and comfortable in the comfort of your backyard. But the main thing that is … Read more

The Best 20 Pots for Succulents

Looking for the right pot so your succulent can be grow healthy and strong?  If so, you are in the right place! Succulents in general need less care than most other types of plants. In general, the more hands off you are, the better. Caring for these cute plants can be easy, if you understand … Read more