Hanging succulent plants are some of the most beautiful succulent plants. There are a lot of varieties and species of hanging succulent plants that are used for ornamental purposes.  Hanging succulent plants are also called trailing succulent plants. These plants have a habit of growing large and once they grow large enough to outgrow the … Read more

2022 | How to Grow and Care for Haworthia Limifolia

The Fairies Washboard plant, which is also known as the Haworthia Limifolia, is a small and beautiful succulent plant. The Haworthia Limifolia is known for its unique leaves. Its leaves are unique because they are different from all other plants. The Haworthia Limifolia has dark green leaves that are thick. They have a round pointy … Read more

2022 | Christmas Cactus Vs. Thanksgiving Cactus

Decorating your house before the holiday season is one of the oldest traditions across the world. People not only clean their houses, but they also decorate them with flowers and other decorative materials. These decorations for the holiday are incomplete if you have not selected holiday plants. There are a lot of plants that are … Read more

2022 | How to Grow and Care for Angel’s Trumpet Plants

Brugmansia is a genus of flowering plants, also known as the Angel’s Trumpet Plants. The Angel’s Trumpet plants are native to South America. There are seven different plant species in this genus. All of these are flowering plants. Some of these plants are smaller and look like shrubs, but some can grow like small trees. … Read more

2022 | How to Grow and Care for Orchid Cactus

Epiphyllum Cactus plants, also known as the Epiphyllum spp., Orchid Cactus, are beautiful flowering ornamental plants. They are grown for indoor and outdoor decoration. These plants are known for their large and bright flowers. The Orchid Cactus plants are native to Central America. The Orchid Cactus plants need a host plant to grow. Although their … Read more

2022 | How to Grow and Care for Cotyledon pendens Plants

The Cotyledon pendens plants are small succulent plants, native to South Africa, known for their beautiful appearance. This plant is also known as Cliff Cotyledon plants and can grow up to 2 feet. Their branches bow down due to the weight of leaves and flowers on them and create an appearance of a cascade.  Their … Read more

2022 | How to Grow and Care for Lily Turf

The Liriope muscari, also known as the Lily Turf plants, Big Blue Lily Turf, Border Grass, and Monkey Grass are beautiful herbaceous plants. The Lily Turf plant is a flowering plant species and produces beautiful purple flowers during the blooming season. Lily Turf plants are perennial and grown outdoors mostly on the boundaries of gardens. … Read more

2022 | How to Grow and Care for Mammillaria Cactus Plants

The Mammillaria is a genus of flowering succulent plants, from the Cactaceae family. It is the largest genus in the family and has more than 200 species. All of these species are different desert cactus plants from different regions but most of them are native to Mexico’s desert region. Apart from Mexico, some species are … Read more


The Oxalis palmifrons plants are small and beautiful plants that are commonly known as the Palm Leaf Oxalis and False Shamrock. Their common name Palm Leaf Oxalis refers to the fact that they have beautiful tiny leaves that are similar in shape to the palm tree leaves. This plant provides a depiction of a small … Read more


The Dischidia nummularia plant, which is also known as the String of Nickels, and Button Orchid, is a small cascading succulent plant grown for indoor decoration. The word Button in its name indicates the shape of its leaves that are round. The main stem grows multiple long and thin branches, each branch has multiple leaves … Read more

2022 | How to Grow and Care for Shamrock plants

The Oxalis regnellii plant, which is also known as the Shamrock Houseplant, or Shamrock plant, is a small plant from the Oxalidaceae family of flowering plants. It is grown usually indoors, which is why its name mentions houseplant. The Shamrock plant is one of the most beautiful and most commonly used indoor decorations. This plant … Read more