The Hoya curtisii plant, which is commonly known as the Fung Wax Flower, Porcelain Flower, and Hoya Aloha plant, is a small trailing succulent native to Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines region. The Fung Wax Flower plant is a slow-growing perennial plant known for its beautiful trailing branches and leaves. This trailing or cascading habit … Read more


The Crassula perforata plant, which is also known as the String of Buttons is a small succulent plant grown for ornamental purposes. This beautiful plant has beautiful leaves that are stacked over one another and create a bead or string. That is why it is known as the string of buttons. Due to its beautiful … Read more


The Peperomia Rosso, commonly known as the Peperomia ‘Eden Rosso’ and Peperomia caperata is a succulent plant species known for having a red-colored under leaf. It is a small perennial succulent plant that can be grown in small pots. The Peperomia Rossois an ornamental plant that is grown worldwide for indoor decorations and outdoor gardens. … Read more

2022 | 11 Georgous Black Succulents

Succulents are known for their ability to survive in the harsh areas of the desert. These plants can survive without water for months. This is because they can store water in their thick and fleshy leaves and other body parts. They can also survive the harshest sun in the summer because they have fewer pores … Read more


Succulents are known for their survival skills against the harsh summers in desert areas. Their bodies can store and conserve water. This helps the succulent plants live in places where no other plants can survive. They naturally grow in wild desert areas across the globe, but some of these beautiful Succulents are grown in the … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Opuntia Microdasys Albata (Bunny Ears)

Opuntia Microdasys Albata

The Opuntia Microdasys Albata is commonly known as Angel Wings, bunny cactus, polka-dot cactus, and Bunny Ears, named after its appearance like a bunny’s ears, this is a flowering succulent from the cactus family and is native to northern Mexico. They are well known for their use in indoor decoration. They grow small pads that … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Echeveria Pulvinata (Chenille Plant)


The Echeveria Pulvinata, also known as the Chenille Plant, Ruby Slippers, Plush Plant, Ruby Blush, and Red Velvet, is a perennial succulent plant with multi-colored leaves and beautiful flowers. Due to the abundance of red color on the edges of its leaves and flowers and their velvety look, they are called the Red Velvet. Chenille … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Euphorbia Flanaganii (Medusa’s Head)

Euphorbia Flanaganii

The Euphorbia Flanaganii is commonly known as the Medusa’s Head or Medusa Head, is a small-sized succulent with beautiful yellow flower, small green leaves, and snake-like branches that spread quickly around the pot. Medusa’s Head plant is native to South Africa but now grown worldwide as it is one of the most beautiful flowering succulent … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Kalanchoe Tomentosa (Panda Plant)

Kalanchoe Tomentosa

The Kalanchoe Tomentosa also is known as the Panda Plant, Pussy Ears, Chocolate Soldier, and Cocoon Plant, it is native to the Madagascar region and has velvety, green leaves with chocolate brown color spots on the edges. The velvety look of the Panda Plant comes from the tiny hairs on the leaves. Due to its … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Senecio Radicans (String of Bananas)


The Senecio Radicans is commonly known as the String of Bananas, Banana Vine, and Creeping Berry, is a very beautiful trailing succulent plant with an appearance like a cluster of bananas. This plant is native to dry regions of southwest Africa. It has very beautiful leaves that are arranged perfectly on the vine making it … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Aloe Arborescens (Torch Aloe)


The Aloe Arborescens is commonly known as the Torch Aloe, Krantz Aloe, and Candelabra Aloe, is a member of the Aloe family, best known for its medicinal and ornamental uses. The name “Torch Aloe” was given to it due to its appearance like a burning torch. This plant is native to Africa and the Middle … Read more