2022 | How to Care for Cuphea Hyssopifolia (Mexican Heather)

Cuphea Hyssopifolia plants are also known as the False Heather, Elfin herb, and Mexican Heather, native to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala and well known for their bright purple flowers. The Mexican Heather plants are summer bloomers, this means you will be able to see their flowers even after the spring ends. They are grown as … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Taxus cuspidata (Japanese Yew)

Taxus cuspidata, also known as the Japanese Yew or Spreading Yew, belongs to the Taxus genus (coniferous trees family) and grown for their beautiful foliage. The Japanese Yew plants are native to Japan, Korea, northeast China and in some parts of Russia. The Japanese Yew plants are evergreen, have beautiful foliage and they come in … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Plerandra elegantissima (False Aralia)

Plerandra elegantissima, also known as the Spider Aralia, Threadleaf Aralia, and False Aralia is a species of flowering plants from the Araliaceae family, native to the southwest Pacific Ocean region. The False Aralia plants are grown for their beautiful foliage. They have beautiful dark green, narrow, elongated saw-tooth edged leaves. In the early days, the … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Arbutus menziesii (Madrone Tree)

Arbutus menziesii plants are also known as the Arbutus, Madrona, Madrono, and Pacific Madrone trees, belonging to a genus of flowering plants known as Arbutus, native to the Western Coastal Area of North America. This is an evergreen tree that can grow very tall, they are mostly grown in the landscapes and outdoor gardens. The … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Philadelphus Virginalis (Mock Orange Bush)

Philadelphus Virginalis plants are also known as Mock Orange Bush, a name given to them due to their citrus fragrance and appearance of their flowers that are similar to oranges. Mock Orange Bush belongs to the Hydrangeaceae family of flowering plants. Their botanical name refers to the Egyptian King of Europe, Ptolemy II Philadelphus. They … Read more


Almond trees are relatively popular because of their tall, beautiful body and pink-white flowers growing on it. It blesses your garden with beautiful scenery if you decide to plant it. Almonds are a popular nut and have been in use as an ingredient for a very long time. Alone or mixed, almond (biologically known as … Read more


Pygmy Date Palm belongs to a huge family of plants named as Arecaceae that consists of 2500+ plants from different regions all over the world. The scientific name of  Pygmy Date Palm is Phoenix roebelenii. Pygmy Date Palm is a great addition of your garden place if you love to have palm trees in a … Read more

2022 | How to Care for Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple Tree)

Acer Saccharum

The Acer Saccharum is also known as the Sugar Maple Tree and Rock Maple, it is a flowering plant species from the Sapindaceae family, native to the hardwood forests of Canada and the United States. The Sugar Maple Tree is the national tree of Canada and four of the US states (New York, West Virginia, … Read more