Hardwood floorings offer timeless beauty and elegance. It is one of the most popular flooring options available as it not only increases your property value, but it also provides comfort as well.

Some of us may get enjoyment from doing home projects ourselves. Having good flooring installation is key to your hardwood floor looking good and lasting for a long time. Although you may be a DYI type of person, hardwood installation has a somewhat high learning curve. When it comes to hardwood floor installation it can get somewhat complicated and requires a special skill set.  Due to the cost of the hardwood, etc. it is best to leave it to the professionals who have the experience to do it right the first time.

The following are steps when installing hardwood flooring


The first step is to get estimates from different professional hardwood installers. Possibly you have a neighbor that installed hardwood from whom you can find good hardwood installation professionals. Another source that people also find useful is Home Advisors. It is a free service that puts you in contact with hardwood professionals in your area.

2. get estimates

We strongly recommend you get estimates from 3 or more professional contractors before finalizing. Never make a decision from the first installer you come across. Some installers are more than happy to show you pictures of previous jobs they have done. You can also ask if you can talk to some of their previous customers as well.

When choosing the right hardwood and installation estimate, you want to balance quality and price when making your decision. Although a lower-cost hardwood installer may seem appealing, always do your homework by getting references, etc. to make sure your decision is solid. Also, check with the installer to see what kind of written warranty they can give on their workmanship.

Checklist to ask potential hardwood flooring installers:

  • What kind of warranty to they provide on their workmanship.
  • Will they set timelines of when the job will finish and end and will they keep you updated on them
  • Do they properly clean up the area during and after installation
  • Will they properly dispose the previous flooring materials
  • Will they offer to remove the furniture before and after the installation

3. hardwood installation

Crystalflooringsydney, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is ideal to get the hardwood 3 or more days prior to installation. The reason for this is because the wood needs time for acclimation so it in a moisture balance to your home. You should have the inside of your house be at a steady 60 – 80 Fahrenheit.