Succulents are beautiful, trendy and diversified plants that are able to withstand hot arid conditions. They are easy to care for, and with proper care, they tend to last for a long time. The things that need care for include the presence of sun and shade and the water requirements. Too much water will lead to rotting of the succulents. Succulents are getting popular with every coming day and are now found in almost every home, office, and outdoor space. The important phase in succulent’s life is its growth from seeds. Although succulents are easily found at almost every floral shop, still growing them from seeds in your own space is a fascinating thing. The process of growing succulents from seeds is known as sexual propagation. 

Propagating succulents from seeds

The propagation or growth of succulents from the seeds is not that common. And most people prefer to bring in the already grown plants. The reason is the lack of knowledge or people about growing the succulents from seeds. The literature is also not presenting much-researched articles to help people in this aspect. The most important thing that must be kept under consideration is the size of the seeds. Different types of succulent plants have different size of seeds. Moreover, some seed types are not available in abundance and have to be imported from far-off places. 

The process of growing succulents from seeds is not that tricky or rocket science. However, the whole process can be snail-paced and can be very time taking, which means that the process demands a lot of patience. But the wait will surely pay off, and in a  few months, you will be witnessing nice, exotic, and admirable succulents blooming in your house or back yard. Some species will take even years to bloom to the full extent. So, if you are brave enough to muster a huge amount of patience, then you are good to proceed with growing spectacular succulent breeds.

Steps involved in growing succulents from seeds

The growth of succulents from seeds is a long process, and it involves various stages. The main steps in the growth of succulents are sowing of seeds, placement of seeds, and the germination of seeds. The details of these steps are given below.

Step One: Sowing of seeds

The growth of succulents starts from sowing the right type of seeds in the soil. Seed sowing is a tricky step indeed as the seeds are very tiny and lightweight. They can also be blown away from the wind. Therefore, proper care must be taken while sowing the seeds. Before sowing the seeds, make sure that the soil you are using is moist enough to hold the seeds. The sprinkling of seeds in the soil must be done using fingers. However, the best way to sprinkle them is by using a toothpick or a paintbrush. If you are sowing seeds in the propagation trays, ensure that you do not overdo the seed sprinkling in the soil present in the container.

Step Two: Placement  of seeds

The placement of seeds also plays an important role in the growth of succulents. In this step, you select the place where you want to grow the plants. This place can be inside the house in pots or out in the soil under the sunlight. The selection of the growth place depends upon the type and breed of succulent. Keep in mind not to plant the succulent under direct sunlight or in places where there is excess water availability because these things will lead to the demise of the plants. Moreover, the place you are going to select for growing the succulent must also be free of pests and other insects, because they will also damage the plant to a great extent.

Step Three: Germination of seeds

After the place for the succulents’ growth is selected, and the seeds are sown; the next step is the germination. In this step, the seeds burst and new plants start originating from them. The germination can start in a few days or even in a few weeks. Some plants will start growing in a few years, so better do some research before going for these types of succulents. The duration depends upon the quality of seeds, the availability of essential requirements, the environment and the type of succulent you are growing. During this phase, the roots start developing also.

Things required to grow succulents from seeds

Growing succulents from seeds is a long process, and it requires a variety of things. The most important things are the seeds, soil, the propagation container, and the light (sunlight or grow light). The details of these things are proved below.

 Availability of seeds

The first and foremost important thing in growing succulents from seeds is the availability of the right seeds. The right quality of seeds is very important in the growth of succulents. Poor quality of seeds will lead to deterioration of the growth of the succulents. Sometimes, you need to import seeds from other countries also to ensure that you have the best succulents at your place. 

The right mix of soil

The next important thing required for the growth of succulent from seeds is the availability of the right mix of soil. The most optimal soil considered fro proper growth of succulents is the one having both organic material and minerals.

The requirement of the propagation container

The next requirement in the growth of succulent from seeds is the right propagation container. If you wish to grow the plants in pots or soil, you must be having the right containers. The basic requirement of the containers is that they must allow for proper drainage because the excess of water will lead the plants to rot.

 Availability of light

The presence of light is also needed for proper growth of succulent from seeds. If you are willing to plant succulents outside, then you must take care that the plants are provided with an adequate amount of sunlight. Similarly, if you want to plant the succulents inside, use growth light. There are some species of succulents that must be kept in shade and do not require light. Take care of them also.

Caring for the new plants

Once the succulents start growing, it is not the time for you to sit back and watch them grow. Instead, you must look after them just like you would look after your newly born kids. The two most important things that must be looked after are the amount of light the new succulents are receiving and the amount of water available to them. As succulents are naturally grown in hot, arid conditions; therefore, they will die in excess of water. Keep a constant eye on the water level to ensure that they do not start to rot because of excess water. Similarly, also keep checking the amount of light the succulents are receiving. Too much exposure to the direct sunlight would lead to the demise of the new plants. On the contrary, the succulents will grow pale if devoid of sunlight for long times. Hence, proper care should be taken of the plants from both perspectives. With proper care, you are sure to grow amazing and superb succulents that will not only give you happiness but will also attract guests to your house and offices.

Concluding remarks

Growing succulents from seeds is not a tricky or difficult task. However, it is a time-consuming task and requires a lot of patience. If you are unable to spend time waiting for the plant to grow from the scratch, do not go for the succulents. But, if you have ample time and want to winters the snail-paced process of a complete plant blooming from a seed, the succulents are a perfect choice. Once you start with the process of growing succulents from the seeds, you must take care of many different things like the collection of the right quality of seeds, the placement of seeds, and the gathering of all the necessary things required for efficient growth of succulents. With proper time and care, you are about to produce the finest quality of succulents at your homes and offices.