How to Care for Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

The Ceropegia woodii, or better known as String of Hearts is an indoor plant that is known with many other names including rosary plant, Sweetheart Vine, Hearts Entangled, and Chain of Hearts. This plant belongs to a family known as Apocynaceae, of plants that are found in southern Asia, Australia, and some African regions.

They have thick and heart-shaped leaves that are arranged in an opposite formation. Because of their heart-shaped leaves, they are called the String of Hearts. Their flowers have five petals. These vines can grow upto five meters long. The flowers of a string of hearts do not produce any smell at all. The plant needs sunlight so try to grow it in a place where it faces the sun. 

Scientific NameCeropegia woodii
Common NamesRosary Plant, Sweetheart Vine, Hearts Entangled, Chain of Hearts
OriginSouth Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe
WaterSimilar to water needs of most succulents
LightPartial shade to full sun light
SizeDraping, reaches only 2-3″ in height but can have vines up to 9 feet
SoilWell draining soil
ZoneZone 11a (Min. 40° F)
PropagationStem cuttings, tubers, and seeds
ToxicityGenerally non-toxic to animals and humans but refrain from eating

How to Water Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

As the Ceropegia Woodii belongs to the succulent family, you need to water in a bit different way than the normal plants. Because their water needs are different, the best approach is to soak and dry. As such, should let the soil soak and then let it dry afterwards. It is very important to have the right kind of succulent pot so the water can drain properly. Note that succulents do not like to be overwatered. An overwatered succulent plant will be soft and mushy. Err on the side of less watering than more watering. .Based on the location, you should water once or twice a month.

  • Only water the Ceropegia woodii when you feel that the upper layer of soil has dried. 
  • You need to water it sparingly and in a way that water must reach the bottom layer of the soil. 
  • Once it reaches the bottom layer stop watering. Make sure the Ceropegia woodii has a proper drain hole so the water can drain properly.
  • In summer the plant will require water more frequently than the winter.. 
  • The plant is also considered to be dormant during the winter so it requires only a small amount of water.

Lighting and Temperature needs for Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

These plants are from the Asia and Africa regions, they are used to a very hot environment, in the extremely cold areas, there are chances that they might not survive. To protect them from extreme temperatures you need to keep them indoors during the winter season. It is better to grow them in a moderate climate. 

The string of Hearts requires bright sunlight for fast growth. You should place them where they can get full sunlight. If you have placed them indoors make sure to place them near the windows so that they get the sunlight. In the hot days try to provide them shade otherwise the pot will dry sooner and they might start to wilt. 

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Soil needs for Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

It is a succulent plant and it’s soil requirements are also similar to the succulent plants. These plants like the soil that is porous and has a bit of sand element in it also. 

To grow them in the planter you need to use two elements, one is potting soil and the other is the sand.  You can create a mixture of these two and also add some natural plant waste in the paste form for fertilizer purposes. 

This sandy soil with a mixture of plant waste in the form of paste would create a porous and quick-draining soil that is the type of soil this plant requires for its proper growth. 

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Fertilizer for Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

They require a small amount of nitrogen-based fertilizers and you can use any nitrogen-based fertilizer such as urea. This will enhance the growth of the plant after the dormant period it spends in the winter. 

You can use the fertilizer with water. Put some fertilizer in the pot and then give it water. This will be enough for the plant for more than a month. You can repeat it after 45 days. 

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How to Repot Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

To repot them you need to use the sandy soil mixture that has some amount of plant waste in pieces and shreds. The best season for repotting is the start of the spring. You should report it before the arrival of spring. It is because the new growth of the ceropegia woodii starts in the spring. 

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How to Propagate Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts)

They can easily be propagated during the spring by their cuttings and their tubers that are formed under the base of the leaves and also from their seeds. 

The beads of the ceropegia woodii can also be used for propagation purposes. To do this, you need to put the beads under the soil while they are still attached to the wine. 

You need to keep the soil moist for most of the time during the start of propagation. Do not let the water stay in the pot.

Tuber Propagation Method

You can propagate the Ceropegia woodii through the tuber propagation method. You need to remove the leaves from the side you want to propagate then bury this under the soil. In this way, you will be able to grow Ceropegia woodii through the tuber propagation method. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I mist my string of hearts?

Answer: As the Ceropegia woodii is a succulent plant it likes to be dry. Moisture can cause it roots to rot, so to prevent this you should water the soil and not the plant itself.  

Question: How often should you water a string of hearts?

Answer:  You can let the soil be completely dry and after that, you can provide the plant. Ideally should water once or twice a month based on location of the plant, etc.. 

Question: Does the chain of hearts like the full sun?

Answer: Yes, it is a plant from the succulent family and they like fun light for their growth. 

Question: Does the string of hearts grow fast?

Answer:  Yes, this plant grows faster. It has a faster growth rate than most other succulent plants. 

Question: Why is my string of hearts dying?

Answer: Overwatering and cold temperature can be the cause of the death of your string of hearts. They need less water and warm temperature for successful growth.

Question: Are the string of hearts toxic?

Answer: No they are not toxic for humans, dogs, or cats but you should refrain from eating them.