2022 | How to Care for Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

The Graptopetalum Paraguayense also known as the Ghost Plant and the Mother of the Pearl is a beautiful trailing succulent plant native to Mexico, considered a perfect choice for indoor decoration. The Ghost Plant is a small evergreen plant with amazing leaves in rosette formation that grow on the tip of their stems.

The Ghost Plant can grow very fast and create a colony where they are planted, making them easy to grow and propagate. The Ghost Plant is also a cold-hardy plant and can survive in low-temperature zones as well. They can grow almost 20 cm high and 60 cm wide. 

How to Water Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

The Ghost Plant is a succulent plant and it has similar water requirements. The best way to water your Ghost Plant is by following the “Soak and Dry” method. This means watering only when the plant’s pot is completely dry. First, you let the plant completely dry and then you water it.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Make sure that the plant pot is completely dry, check using your finger. Dip your finger in the soil and see if there is any moisture left. You can also pick the pot in your hands and if you feel it is heavier than usual, it means it has some water left inside it.
  • Once you know that the pot is completely dry, you can water the Ghost Plant sparingly, avoid overwatering as it can harm the plant’s roots.
  • You can create a watering schedule based on your geographical location, temperatures, and climate factors. Mostly the Ghost Plant only requires watering once in 10 days.

Lighting and Temperature needs for Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

The Ghost Plant requires an abundance of light to grow, so it is better to grow it in an environment where it gets a lot of light. If you are planting it inside, then it is better to place it in a window that faces east. Light helps the Ghost Plant thrive and grow faster.

They can grow into the cold regions as they are cold hardy. The optimum temperature for their best growth is around 70° F or 25° C. They can better adjust in all types of environments, they can also survive the frost, but not for a long time.

Soil needs for Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

Like all the succulents, the Ghost Plant requires a soil that can quickly drain. A porous soil can quickly drain because the water smoothly moves through the pores. To create a best potting soil, experts advise to mix the sand and the soil and then add some plant fertilizer, to make it even more porous, you can add pumice stones and crushed perlite.

Your pot soil for the Ghost Plant must not contain clay type of soil, because clay can trap the water, and this is harmful to the proper growth of the succulents such as the Ghost Plant.

Fertilizer for Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

The Ghost Plant needs certain conditions for a faster growth and more flowering during the spring season. When it is placed inside, it shows a slow growth. If you want your plant to show a faster growth indoors, you can add some house plant fertilizer. This will help you boost your plant’s growth.

Before plantation, you can add the houseplant fertilizer to potting soil, and after the plantation, you can create a mixture of water and house plant fertilizer and then feed it to your plant once a month. Avoid overfeeding fertilizer to the Ghost Plant because it can kill the plant by harming its roots.

How to Repot Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

The Ghost Plant mostly requires yearly repotting as they grow very fast and outgrow the pot they are currently in. The best season for repotting the Ghost Plant is the start of the spring, this is a time when the plant shows the most growth and grows new offsets.

For repotting, you need to create a potting soil and then add this into the new pot, once your pot is ready, you can carefully uproot and transfer the plant to the new pot. While repotting makes sure not to damage the roots of the plant. After successful repotting, you can then provide it water and keep it in the sunlight.

How to Propagate Graptopetalum Paraguayense (Ghost Plant)

This plant is very easy to propagate as it produces smaller offsets on the edges of the plant that can be used for the propagation, you can also propagate it with the help of stem or leaves cuttings.

For stem cuttings, you need a sterile sharp knife, you need to carefully cut the stem of the mature plant and then let it dry for a few days after that transfer it into the pot and provide it water and keep in the sunlight.

You can also propagate it using the leaves, all you need is to carefully twist leaves from the stem and then let these leaves dry out for a few days. After that, you can simply transfer them to the pot and provide them water and place them under the sunlight for a few days.

Growing from the seeds:

You can grow these plants from the seeds, you need to first let seeds completely dry and then bury them under the 3-inch layer of soil in the pot. Provide them water and keep them in a bright and warm place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you grow the Ghost Plant indoors?

Answer: Yes, you can grow the Ghost Plant indoors. But you need to provide it the required amount of light. It is better to keep them near a window facing east.

Question: Is the Ghost Plant edible?

Answer: Yes, Ghost Plant is edible, people eat its leaves both raw and cooked. It tastes like asparagus.

Question: Can the Ghost Plant survive the cold temperature?  

Answer: Yes, for a short time it can survive the cold and frost as well, but long-term exposure to the cold below freezing point can kill the plant.

Question: Why is my Ghost Plant dying?

Answer: There can be a lot of reasons for its death, including overwatering, overfeeding the fertilizer, wrong type of potting soil.