How to Care for Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

Senecio peregrinusis, which is mostly known by its common names, the String of Dolphins, Dolphin Necklace, Flying Dolphins, Dolphin Plant, is a hybrid succulent plant species. The name dolphin was given to it because of its small leaves that are in the perfect shape like a dolphin. Due to this resemblance in shape, they are very much liked by the people. Originally this plant hybrid of succulents is native to the South African region. 

The String of Dolphins can grow upto 6 inches in height and its leaves are in a little curvy shape with two nodes on opposite sides, this makes their appearance like a dolphin. Its blooming starts from the man and end in the June or start of July. it grows white colored small puffballs type flowers.

How to Water Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

The water requirements of the String of Dolphins are a bit different from the other succulent plants, they require more frequent watering than most of the succulents usually need. They also need soil that is quick in draining. They need more water that does not mean you should flood them; they need to be watered sparingly.

  • First, you need to check the soil before watering it.
  • After the soil has dried, you can give it water.
  • Watering should be done sparingly and make sure that water reaches the bottom layer of the soil in the pot.
  • Depending upon your location and climate, the String of Dolphins may require watering differently.
  • In hot areas, you can give it water every 3rd day and in cold areas every 5th or 6th day. 

Lighting and Temperature needs for Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

As this is a succulent hybrid plant from the African desert regions, it is capable of surviving in the full light. Also, if the plant is receiving more light and proper water supply the growth rate will be faster. You can also grow it indoors, but you must make sure that it is getting enough light that is required for growth.

It can survive the hot environment if it is receiving the enough amount of water. It grows well in the hot temperatures as well. They can also be grown in the cold temperature, but you need to grow them inside. They cannot survive the harshly cold environment as they are desert plants.

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Soil needs for Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

Like all the other succulent plants, its soil needs are also similar, they need fast-draining soil, you need to add more sand into the potting soil, with sand you can also mix some fertilizer or green fertilizers as well. They will give the plant strength and provide a soil that is quick draining and more nutrient film for the String of Dolphins growth.

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Fertilizer for Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

Its fertilizer needs are also similar to the succulent plants, you can give it nitrogen-based fertilizers to boost its growth by mixing it with the sand and soil, and after the plantation, you can create a liquid solution of water and fertilizer and keep watering the plant with that fertilized water.

It can also grow without fertilizer but in that case, its growth will be extremely slow, and it might not survive for a long time. During the blossom, it is good to provide it more fertilizers.

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How to Repot Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

You can easily repot it by using some soil that has mixture of sand and fertilizers, then you need to bury the leaves under two inches in the sand. After that, you need to provide it with more water so the soil becomes a little moist and the leaves can then turn into a new plant. Best season for repotting is the start of the spring.

How to Propagate Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

Growing from the seeds

String of Dolphins can grow them from their seeds. You need the perfect soil to plant the seeds and wait for them to sprout. This is an easy way to cultivate them. But these seeds need to be soaked in the first cold then warm waters to successfully germinate. You can also cover the container with some plastic to keep the moisture trapped.

 You can also propagate them from their leaves. You can use their leaves for new plantations. It is advised to cut the leaves with some stem attached to it and then put it in the pot with prepared soil for its growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can we grow them from seeds?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to grow them from their seeds. You need to plant their seeds in the moist soil so that they can grow and the best season for plantation is the start of spring.

Question: How often should you water a String of Dolphins?

Answer: They are succulents, but they need more water than many other succulents. You can water them more often, but Overwatering can harm them so make sure you only provide them enough water.

Question: How much light does a String of Dolphins need?

Answer: This plant needs full more sunlight so, if you want to grow it inside you need to provide it sunlight somehow. The best way to do it is to place it near the windows so they can get enough light.  

Question: How big will a String of Dolphins get?

Answer: String of Dolphins can get a height of 6 inches, but its leaves and its vines can grow more in size. Their size is also dependent on the conditions it is grown in so there may be the difference as well.

Question: Why is my string of dolphins dying?

Answer: Different reasons can cause the dolphins to die. For example, the soil is not good for drainage. Overwatering of the plant. No sunlight exposure at all. They can also die if you did not provide them water for too long.