2022 | How to Grow and Care for Haworthia Limifolia

The Fairies Washboard plant, which is also known as the Haworthia Limifolia, is a small and beautiful succulent plant. The Haworthia Limifolia is known for its unique leaves. Its leaves are unique because they are different from all other plants. The Haworthia Limifolia has dark green leaves that are thick. They have a round pointy end and round shape. These leaves have scale-like circles that surround the entire leaf. The common name of this plant also refers to the beautiful leaves of this plant. It is called the Fairies Washboard, because of its leaves that are shaped like the waterboard.

The Fairies Washboard is an easy-to-grow plant, and it can be planted anywhere outside its natural habitat. This adaptability of this plant makes it one of the most grown succulent plants. Thick leaves of the Fairies Washboard plant help it survive through the drought condition. Also, it can survive in partially low light (indoor condition) conditions as well. This makes the Fairies Washboard plant a very suitable choice for indoor decoration. It has a very small size, and you can keep it on your tables. It is a flowering succulent, which means it will produce tiny flowers during the blooming season. So, you will not just get a plant with beautiful leaves, but also a flowering plant. Below are the further care guidelines about the Fairies Washboard.


Common NameHaworthia Limifolia, Fairies Washboard
Scientific NameHaworthia Limifolia
Genus, FamilyHaworthia, Asphodelaceae
Size, Type4 inches tall in a potted container, (small) Succulent
Color of stem, leaves, and flowersGreen stem covered by dark green leaves, and white to yellow flowers
Flowering SeasonSummer Season
Perennial/Annual.Perennial and Evergreen.
HardinessUSDA hardiness zones 9 to 11.
Temperature range65-75°F or 18-24°C
Sunlight Full to Partial sunlight exposure, 6 to 8 hours a day
Growth RateSlow


The Fairies Washboard plant comes from the Haworthia genus, which is a member of the Asphodelaceae. This is a succulent plant family, and its members are known for their survival skills against the water shortages in the summer season. They have developed several methods to survive on a very low supply of water. They can store water in their leaves and stem. Apart from storing the water, these plants can also go dormant during harsh weather to lower the metabolism rate. This helps these plants save a lot of energy and water and survive through the summer.


The Fairies Washboard or Haworthia Limifolia plant looks like a washboard. These are very small plants and they only grow 4 inches tall. They grow leaves that are stocked up on one another. These leaves are circular and have a pointy end. They can store water and convert it into a gel-like liquid. This makes their leaves look darker. The Fairies Washboard is a flowering plant. It produces flowers during the blooming season. Instead of producing flowers in spring, these plants produce flowers during the mid-summer condition. You should plant them in small pots and keep them in a bright place. Low light exposure or irregular fertilizer and watering can damage the look and speed of growth of your plant. Hence it is very important to follow the instructions properly.


The Fairies Washboard is a flowering succulent plant. It produces tiny flowers during the blooming season. Instead of producing flowers in the spring season, the Fairies Washboard blooms in the summer. These flowers are small, but colorful and attract a lot of small insects. You should get rid of these flowers through pruning. But if you want to keep these flowers, you should know that they will pollinate and wilt in a few days. After wilting, these flowers will turn into small seed sacs. These seeds are used for the replantation of this plant. The Fairies Washboard has light yellow to whitish flowers. These flowers grow on an erect stem. More than one flower appears on a single stem erection.

Natural Habitat

The Fairies Washboard is a native to South Africa. This plant can survive in partially shady conditions. It can grow even if the temperatures are higher in outdoor conditions. They have developed several adaptations to survive in the harsh climate of their native land. This adaptability helps these plants survive outside their natural habitat. You can plant them in indoor conditions as they can grow under the shade. You would need to make sure that you are following proper guidelines to grow this plant if you want to grow it outside its natural habitat.


Here are some of the basic facts about Haworthia Limifolia

  • The Fairies Washboard is also known as the Haworthia Limifolia, and Fairy Washboard plant.
  • It has very unique leaves that are pointy, round, and shaped like a washboard.
  • The Fairies Washboard is a flowering succulent plant that produces flowers during the spring season.
  • It is grown all over the world for its leaves. It is an ornamental plant that you can grow anywhere in the world. This is possible because of its adaptability and survivability.
  • The leaf formation of this plant is also similar to the rosette arrangement, but due to its big leaves, they do not exactly look like a rose flower.

Requirements to Grow Haworthia Limifolia

Requirements to grow Haworthia Limifolia in different areas.

Soil Requirements

The Fairies Washboard plant needs the type of soil that all other succulent plants need. It needs the soil to be well-draining. So that it would not trap any water. Because if soil traps water in it, it can damage the roots of this plant. To protect the roots of Fairies Washboard, and make the soil well-draining, we add some sand in the soil mixture. Sand makes the soil porous and allows the water to move out.

Another important thing about the potting soil for the Fairies Washboard is that you will need pumice and perlite besides the sand to keep the soil mixture in the pot. You will also need to add some fertilizers or compost to the soil. Adding these will make the soil’s nutrients rich. These nutrients will boost the growth of your plant.

Sunlight Requirements

The Fairies Washboard plant requires bright sunlight to grow and thrive. They need full sun to partial shade depending on the climate. If the climate in your area is moderate, you can keep them outdoors and they will grow very well. But if the climate outdoors is hot, you should keep them indoors because the hotness of the sun can burn its leaves.

For that reason, if you are growing the Fairies Washboard plant outside its natural habitat, it is recommended to keep them indoors. If you have kept your plant indoors, make sure that you provide it with a sufficient amount of light. Because of the lack of light, the growth of this plant would stop. It needs bright light exposure almost all day long to grow and thrive. 

Temperature Requirements

The Fairies Washboard plant needs moderate temperatures to grow. It is not a cold-hardy plant, and it does not like to be grown in a cold climate. So, if you are planning on growing this plant in a cold region, you will have to provide it protection. The best way to keep this plant alive in a cold region is by keeping it indoors or keeping it in a greenhouse environment.

Apart from cold, this plant also does not like to be grown in a very hot climate, such as desert areas. So, if you are planning on growing it in a very hot region, you will have to keep this plant indoors to protect it from harmful temperatures. It can be grown outdoors in the USDA zone 9 to 11. They thrive when the temperatures are between 65-75°F or 18-24°C.

Water Requirements

The Fairies Washboard plant is a succulent plant. It can store water in its leaves. This plant utilizes this stored water during drought conditions to survive. Keeping the Fairies Washboard plant properly hydrated can help you enhance its growth rate. With the enhanced growth rate, you will be able to witness more growth and your plant will remain healthy as well.

Maintaining a balance between moisture and dryness in the potting soil is the best way to water your Fairies Washboard plants. You should not water your Fairies Washboard plant when the soil in the pot is wet. This will help protect your plant from root rot problems. Also, keeping the plant dry for the long term can cause plant death. For these reasons, it is very important to provide water to your plant in a balanced way.

You should check the soil for moisture before watering and provide water according to that. The Fairies Washboard plant would need less water during the winter and more water during the summer. Also, the watering frequency would differ depending on your location. If you live in a hot area, you will need to water your plants more often and if you live in a cold region, you can water less often.

Fertilizers Requirements

All plants need fertilizers to grow. Fertilizers are chemical compounds that contain basic nutrients. These nutrients are the elements of growth. For the successful growth of your Fairies Washboard plant, you will need to feed fertilizers to your plant. You will have to start by choosing a specific fertilizer according to nutrient deficiency in the soil. After that, you can feed it to your plants during the watering sessions.


SoilFull of nutrients, well-draining, succulent friendly.
SunPartial to full sunlight exposure at least 6 to 8 hours a day.
WaterMaintain a balance between wetness and dryness.
FertilizerFeed a recommended fertilizer through watering.
Temperature65-75°F or 18-24°C


The Haworthia Limifolia is a small plant and grows very slowly, but still, it needs repotting. Repotting helps provide more space for its roots and also provides more oxygen for the roots as well. You should change their pot during the spring season. Start preparing a new pot with the recommended fertilizer, soil, and other components of the potting soil. After that, uproot and transfer the plant, and provide it water. Let it be in the sunlight for a few days and it will start to grow again.


It is a small plant and does not require any periodic pruning. But you can cut its leaves, and flowers after the blooming season. You can do this to give your plant a proper shape. It can also help your Haworthia Limifolia plant to save its resources. Pruning also helps your Haworthia Limifolia get rid of the excessive offspring that grow from the mother plant and crowd it.


The Haworthia Limifolia suffers from common diseases of the plant such as root rot, and pest attacks. You should treat them by using specific chemical sprays to kill the pests and pathogens. You can also get rid of these problems by regulating the care of your plant as well.


The Haworthia Limifolia plant grows a lot of small offspring. These offspring can become a new plant. You will need to separate the offspring from the plant once it reaches a mature age. Then you can replant this offspring in a different pot. You should provide water to the newly planted Haworthia Limifolia plant and leave it for a few days. The offspring would start to grow into a separate plant.

Another important method of propagation requires leaf cuttings from mature plants. You take cuttings from a mature Haworthia Limifolia plant and keep them in rooting hormone. Once the roots appear, you can plant them. The third method for planting the  Haworthia Limifolia requires using the seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Haworthia Limifolia a flowering plant?

Yes, the Haworthia Limifolia is a flowering plant. It produces small flowers during the late spring season. Its flowers are odorless and have yellow to white shaded colors.

Question: Is Haworthia Limifolia a cactus?

Yes, it is a member of the Haworthia genus and Asphodelaceae family. This is a succulent plant family and has many cactus members.

Question: Can Haworthia grow in low light?

Yes, you can grow the Haworthia in a low light environment, but it will not grow fast and will also not reach its growth potential as well.