The Best 20 Pots for Succulents

Looking for the right pot so your succulent can be grow healthy and strong?  If so, you are in the right place!

succulent pots best

Succulents in general need less care than most other types of plants. In general, the more hands off you are, the better. Caring for these cute plants can be easy, if you understand what they need.

While picking a succulent pot or planter with a design you have in mind is important, we should also explore more practical items you have to consider when buying a succulent pot, such as material, drainage and size.

One thing that a succulent plants needs more than anything is a proper pot in order to stay and continue to be healthy.

Choosing the right pot/planter with proper drainage and size will ensure the health of your plant for years to come.

Succulent Pot Drainage

Succulents originated in the desert and as such are accustomed to dry, arid weather. Native to areas like Southern Africa, etc. succulents thrive in locations that experience little rainfall throughout the year.

Similar to nature, having the right pot that provides proper water drainage is ideal for succulent plant.

One key thing to remember is that succulents do not like is too much water which is not properly drained. As such, drainage is a key in order the keep your succulent strong and healthy. Without proper drainage, your succulent can rot and eventually die as the stagnant water can become breeding grounds for fungus, bacteria and other contaminants. As such, the pot you choose needs proper drainage so excess water will be able to drain properly.

Succulent Pot Size

Choosing the correct size for your succulent plant is crucial for it health and well being. Pots that over sized for you succulent plants retain more moisture, unable to drain and dry out completely. As such, choose pots that provide enough room for your succulent plant’s taproot to grow out without the risk of excessive water retention. As a rule of thumb, when choosing a pot, leave about a half-inch of space between your succulents and the edge of the pot. This way, you succulent has some room to spread and grow.

Succulent Pot Material

Some of the most common materials that succulent pots are made of are plastic and ceramic, and terracotta.

The best pot for succulents is one made out of terracotta (clay) or ceramic. Both of these materials are nice and breathable, so they’ll work in indoor areas that might not get a lot of airflow. These materials facilitate for faster evaporation and are more suitable succulent conditions.

Plastic is also an option for planting your succulent plant. Although not as breathable as ceramic pots, they are a good choice if it has the proper water drainage hole in place. They also come in a wide range of size and colors to choose from.


1. Square Terracotta Clay Garden Planter Pots

Add a touch of contemporary Italian style to your home with these square terracotta planter pots and oval display. These pots made by MyGift offer beauty and simplicity to any room in the house. This set of 3 terracotta succulent pots can make a great addition to any room that needs a natural touch.

These pots are made out of durable terracotta which allows great breathing for your succulent plants. These pots have enough space to allow your succulent plant can grow strong and healthy as well as enough room so the roots don’t reach the sides or the bottom.

Each pot is 3.5″ inches in width and 3 inches in height. It comes with a removal-able tray. Makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones.

Each pot contains a small drainage hole at the bottom to allow water to drain and help promote healthy plant growth.

2. StarPack Premium Ceramic Succulent Pot

If you are looking for elegance and styling, you have to check out these pots by StarPack. These pots make a great addition to room or office. These pack of 3 succulent pots have minimalist styling which better highlight the beauty of the succulents that are grown in them.

Each pot is 2.6″ in diameter. They have a drainage hole which is necessary for succulents. The base is made of stylish bamboo tray. The ceramic material is made out of strong durable ceramic perfect for any room that needs a natural touch. The amazing glaze on these pots is extremely smooth and shiny with little to no imperfections.

These pots are made out of durable high quality ceramic. Very easy to store and clean.  These pots come with free care instructions perfect for successfully growing your succulents.

These pots by StarPack coming with a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

3. LANKER Ceramic Succulent Pot

If you are looking for simplicity and styling, this succulent by LANKER is something you should definitely consider. This pot combines elegance and functionality. With a width of 6.5 inches, this succulent pot is perfect for 2 to 3 miniature succulent plants. It comes with a bamboo base providing a great contrast to the white pot.

The white ceramic and bamboo design goes well with any space. Great as a focal point for any room around the house. The bamboo dish holds up well over time. Perfect display for any room in the house that needs just the right touch. Comes with a drainage hole necessary for the health of the succulent plant.

This succulent pot comes in a gift box packaging ideal for as a gift for your friends and loved ones.

4. KRALIX Mini Ceramic Containers   

Spruce up any space around your home or office with these stylish succulent pots.  These succulents pots by KRALIX come in a set of three.  Arrange them next to each other in a row or use them sparingly throughout the house. The ceramic material is strong and durable and will give you years of enjoyment.

These pots come in three different shapes to choose from: rounded square, round flared, and hexagon. They also come in 3 different color to choose from as well: black, egg shell and gray. Note that the shine is flat, not glazed. These planters are great for adding a dash of refreshing color and nature into any room. These pots are made out of durable, polished high quality ceramic.

These pots come with proper drainage holes necessary for the water to drain through the soil properly. Each pot comes with a saucer to catch any access water.

One nice thing we like about these pots is that KRALIX has offered a risk free return policy.

5. Vibrant color succulent pot by Hausgard

If you are looking at some colorful and stylish pots, these pots made by Hausgard are surely to hit the spot. These pots add brightness and a sense of sophistication to any room around the house. Add to windowsills, your desktop, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc., to perfectly brighten up the space.

Each one of these pots made by Hausgard come with their own unique design. Each ceramic pot features artwork by a professional European artist. Place these pots next to each other or display at different places throughout your home. Measuring over 3 inches high, and just under 3 wide, these pots fit perfectly on your desk or windowsill.

These pots come with proper drainage hole needed for succulents. They also come with a stylish bamboo base to catch access water.

6. G EPGardening Marble Pattern Large Pot  

Make any room special with this exquisite marble design succulent pot. This pot is beautiful as it is durable. Brighten up any room with this classy look and design. Note that the material this pot/container is made of is ceramic but has a marble look.

This pot, being 8 inches wide, has enough space to grow multiple succulents. This pot/container comes with a drainage hole so access water can drain properly. This faux marble bowl includes a matching drip tray. The drip tray is removable.

Add a unique touch to any room with this pot as it  a great choice for entry room, dining room, or anywhere that needs a great show piece.

7. Zufeng Succulents  Handmade Peacock Pot  

Made by Zufeng, this pot is sure to be a conversation starter. This pot/container is truly stunning as it is beautiful. This pot is handmade, perfect that unique touch of nature. Being 9.4 inches in width, it has enough space to grow multiple succulents.

Made of resin material, this pot is easy to water and comes with a drainage hole so the soil can drain properly of any access water.  It comes with a dish to catch any access water. This pot is great for any room in the house that needs a natural touch with elegance.   This pot is UV resistant, frost resistant which is perfect for a long lasting pot.

This pot would make a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones(family, friends, etc.).

8. Matty’s Garden Owl Ceramic Planters 

Let your succulent plants thrive and be happy in these beautifully handmade succulent pots made by Matty’s Garden. These have a top opening of approximately 3.5″ wide. Ideal for one plant per pot.

These pots, come as a set of 3 make a great display in any room including your desk, bookshelf or windowsill display. Place them one by one or separately in different locations around the house to add a touch of nature.

Perfect for indoor use, the pots have a drainage hole that allows for water to easily drain when watering.  These pots are made of quality handmade ceramic ensured for durability with no chips or cracks.

One thing these pots offer is a peace of mind. Matty’s Garden will happily provide a refund or replace the pots if they do not meeting your expectation.

9. Yangbaga Ceramic Succulent Pots

Put a smile on your face with these unique pattern design pots made by Yangbaga. This cute set comes with different facial patterns sure to brighten up any day. These pots add some style and uniqueness with their wave shaped openings at the top.

Made of high quality durable ceramic baked at high temperatures which ensures longevity. The outer enamel has small specks adding additional character to these pots. These pots are approximately 3.5 inches in width, giving enough breathing space for your succulent.

These pots come as a set of 4 with different color pots. They comes with stylish trays to catch any access water. They also come with drain holes as well at the bottom so the water can drain properly.

These pots would make a great addition to any home that needs a touch of brightness. Great also a gift for your loved ones.

10. T4U Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot 

If you are looking for pots that offer a mix of durability and styling, these pots are for you. These pots, made by T4U, are great for holding small succulents and cactus. Add class and elegance to any room with the elegant design. Places them next to each other or at different spots around the house or office.

These quality pots come in a set of 3 with different unique Japanese style designs. Add a natural touch to any room or office with these pots. These pots would make an excellent gift as well for your loved ones.

Made of high quality ceramic, these pots are made to last for a long time. Each pot is approximately 2.5 inches in width and has a drainage hole and bamboo trays which catch any access water.

11. T4U Grey Ceramic Succulent Planter

Add a distinct look to any room with these succulent pots from T4U. The tasteful design is great addition to any room or office. This set of three pots comes with bamboo drainage trays to prevent over-watering and protects your shelves from water drips marks.

Made out of ceramic which is baked at high temperature to endure longevity so the color will not fade over time. Each pot is approximately 2.5 inches in with and is grey glazed which adds a unique design.

Each succulent pot have the proper drainage hole so the water can be drained properly. They come with a great looking base to catch any access water.

12. Ceramic Owl Succulent Planter

Add style and design with this owl succulent pot made by Gemseek. This pot adds a touch of nature to any room or office. Use it on your desk, counter top, windowsill, or anywhere that needs just that right touch. This pot is approximately 3.5 inches in width sufficient for your succulent plant to grow and thrive.

Made of top quality breathable ceramic which is baked at high temperature to give you a durable stylish pot. Comes with a drainage hole so water can drain properly Comes with a stylish bamboo tray to catch any access water so there are no water marks.

This owl succulent pots makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

13. Brajttt Ceramic Succulent Pots

If you are looking for a set of succulent pots which offer variety and styling, these pots by Bajattt are for you. This set comes with six unique succulent pots with different texture and design. Display them together or at different locations throughout the house or office.

These pots have beautiful transmutation glaze with attractive colors. Each pot is made of high quality ceramic which is baked at high temperature to ensure strength and durability.

Comes with a drainage hole so water can drain properly and not be stagnant. This set also comes with a base to catch any access water.

14. T4U Ceramic Snowflakes Succulent Pots

If you are looking for unique shape and styling, these succulent pots made by T4U are for you. Add some variety and design with these set of six succulent pots.

This set of six succulent pots have different design, shape, and texture. Arrange them together or throughout the house to add some uniqueness. These pots are baked at high temperature so they last long and the coloring will not fade over time.

Place them on windowsills, desktop, kitchen, living room, or anywhere that needs just the right touch. These pots come with proper drainage holes necessary for succulents.

15. SQOWL White Round Succulent POT

This round planter bowl made by SQOWL makes a great centerpiece to make the ideal focal point to any room or office. It is a great alternative to individual small succulent pots. This pot can easily hold 3 to 4 succulents giving them room and space to grow.

Make your succulent pop with the high quality white finish. This succulent pot comes with a removable saucer ideal for both inside and outside. This pot has a drainage hole needed for succulents so that the water can drain properly.

Made of high ceramic, the planter has clear lines with a white appearance that is sure to add a modern and sleek touch to any room. Perfect addition to windowsills, desktops, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and bedrooms. Great for re-potting for succulents that have outgrown smaller pots.

16. GeLive Ceramic Succulent Pots

Give style and grace to any room with these pots from GeLive. These pots have elegant Japanese style waves surely to draw attraction to any room. These pots make a great addition to windowsills, living room, bedroom or any room that needs a natural touch.

The set comes with two distinctly different Japanese style design. They are beautifully glazed with elegant, attractive color and design.

Each pot has a drainage hole so your succulent can grow strong and healthy without any sitting water. The set also comes with stylish bamboo trays so no water will leak on the underlying surface causing water mark.

17. GardenBasix Crafts Mini Terracotta Ceramic Planter Pots

If you want to add beauty and grace to any room or office, this pot made by GardenBasix are for you. Each pot has a distinct color sure to elevate any room around the house.

These pots are made of high quality terracotta clay which is produced at high temperatures with a smooth texture finish. Each pot is hand painted to give it a great look. Place them side by side to create a great display or place them at different locations around the house.

These pots comes with a drainage hole necessary for succulent plants to drains properly.

18. T4U Japanese Style Ceramic Bowl Pot 

Give your plant a new home in this elegant and beautiful succulent pot from T4U. This pot is made of Japanese pattern which will uplift any room or office with its natural and simple design.

This succulent pots is baked at high temperature to give you a strong sturdy pots which will give you and your plant joy for years to come. This succulent pot is 4.33 inches in width and 2.48 inches in height.

This pot come with a drain hole ideal for succulent so water drain properly. It also has a saucer to catch any access water. This succulent pot would make a terrific give for your friends or loved ones.

As your satisfaction is of utmost importance, this pots comes with a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

19. POTEY Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot

This pot made by POTEY follows a mid-century followed design with the furniture and architecture of the time. It has clean lines and with minimalism in mind. Add a nice touch of nature and sleek design in your house or office. If you looking to pull a room together, then this simple yet elegant design will surely do the trick.

This pot is made of durable and premium-quality clay and baked in high temperatures to create this beautiful ceramic masterpiece. This pot with thick walls enabling better insulation and thus enabling better thermal insulation as well. The high-gloss finish completes the design and gives off an appealing shine.

This pot comes with a drainage hole at the bottom necessary to drain any stagnant water and help you prolong the life and beauty of your succulent plant. The outer caliber diameter of this pot is 5.6 Inches with a height of 2.8 inches. Great size for any succulent plant that needs to draw attention.

If you are not happy with your purchase, POTEY offers money back guarantee. They want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase.

20. CHIVE succulent pot

If you are looking for colorful succulent pots that have a mix of classiness and design, these pots by CHIVE are for you. With a modern design, each of these succulent pots have a unique and tasteful design. These pots comes in 3 designs: yellow stars, blue ribbon and red diamond.

These pots are 3.25″ in diameter giving enough space for your succulent to grow. These pots offer a bit of whimsy and a pop of color to any room.

These porcelain pots are beautifully glazed throughout to give beautiful finish. The prints on these pots are colorful as they are flawless. Each pots comes with a saucer that you can easily remove any unnecessary water will help keep your plants strong and healthy for a long time.


Well, there you have it, our top pick of 20 best succulent pots to choose from. One important thing to keep in mind is that succulent pots need proper drainage and as such, pots with drainage holes are crucial. If the succulent pot does not have proper drainage, over time you may notice discoloration and even a sagging look.

Makes sure to grow your succulent plant in pots that provide ample space for them to grow. Equally important is the material that the plant grows in. Usually ceramic pots offer great breathing for your succulent pot.

With our list of 20 succulent pots, you have a number of different designs and sizes to choose from. Hopefully you will find one that is a great fit for your home or office.